Horse Race Politics

The 2020 US Presidential Campaign

Delivered by the CHERISH Digital Economy Centre at Swansea University

Welcome To Horse Race Politics!

Horse Race Politics is a weekly podcast focussing on the key events of the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Bringing political science and media studies experts from Swansea University together, the weekly Horse Race Politics: The 2020 US Presidential Campaign podcast offers research-driven insight into the 2020 presidential campaign, helping listeners gain a deeper understanding of the lay of the political land as well as the meaning of campaign events and how likely they are to impact on the outcome of the election.

We focus solely on the most important events and topics, allowing you to filter out the noise and chaos of such an unprecedented election. In times of such uncertainty, such clarity is fundamental to keeping a clear head to figure out how this election is going to go.

Run by three of Swansea University's top researchers, Dr Matthew Wall (Associate Professor, Politics), Dr Allaina Kilby (Lecturer, Journalism) and Dr Richard Thomas (Senior Lecturer, Journalism), the podcast releases a new episode every Friday, and is available through YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

What sets it apart?

Horse Race Politics keeps the focus to only the most important matters. It also presents a niche analysis of how these events are perceived through the political betting markets, through political satire, and wider receptions in general. Quants and quals meet to analyse just how significant each week has been. Go to the 'Episodes' tab to have a listen, or visit 'About Us' to learn more about Matt, Allaina and Richard.